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Forty Yabut

Meet Forty! He is single, super buff, practices muay tai, loves kpop and cats. :P

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Marie I  

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Hava + Andrew Hava and Andrew are a really cute couple. I met Andrew because he was my boss at GameStop. When I first met Hava, she came to visit Andrew at work. I thought she was so pretty and was an awesome person. Who would have thought that I would be their wedding photographer?! So, my first wedding gig was a blast. I ran around in heels (horrible idea) and I was pretty unsure at first on what to do, but then I thought I had to "capture the moment." Which got my head back in the game. I'm striving for a better camera. I'm working my way up thought. Here are photos from the wedding. :)

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Disneyland 2012 I am not a big fan of Disneyland. (Yes I said it, shoot me.) But I did have loads and loads of fun. 

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My Vacation to Cabo Cabo was awesome. I got endless supply of alcohol for a week, and ate a whole bunch of Americanized Mexican food in Mexico. The first reason why I went to Cabo was because Alaska Airlines SUCK. During my trip to Hawaii last fall, my Alaska Airlines flight back home got canceled on a Sunday. So I flew back home at 4am the next morning and still made it to school 7am. Horrible, yes. So they gave me and my family a free flight. Woot, so Cabo it was. 

Here are some of the pretty pictures and highlights of my trip. 

This was a pretty painting near a flea market on our way to eat lunch.

Cabo Wabo was supposedly "the place to be" in 2011. I got the waburrito! It was cute how they presented it. I never had a fancy burrito until this day.

I got ice-cream... every single day in Mexico. :] You'll see as you go turther down.

The front of our hotel, Playa Grande. In Spanish it means "Large Seaside." But to me it meant "Big Player." I liked this light leak. 

This was our backyard. Watched the sun go down to end the first night in Mexico. 

This koi fish pond was next to the hotel's swimming pool. 
I am usually a water drinker, but this was all I could drink at restaurants sadly. My family was amazed at how products were in Spanish. 

Eating these tacos were torture. It was the most spiciest thing I ever ate... in my life. I ended up in tears eating all of it. It was good and really lame, at the same time. 

This is their "The Bay" on the 10th floor of some hotel, I forgot the name!

More ice cream. It was by one get one free scoop. :)

He wanted some too. :]

Bongs and jewelery. I spy with my little eye something really inappropriate.

I'm on a boat next to an open bar. It is happy hour all day here. :) My pretty Blue Hawaiian drink to end the night. :)

The next day, first thing we did was swim! Infinity pool side munching. Quesdilla, Taco Salad, Calamari, and the Catch of the Day. 

Dinner at La Ricazon. I got tostadas! This restaurant was a hole in the wall. Surrounded by so many ghetto buildings. :( They had a TV with Heat vs Okc playing and a really nice bonfire in the middle of the restaurant. 

More ice-cream to end the night. :)

The next day, had lunch at Madera Bistro. This place was my favorite restaurant by far in Cabo. All you could eat steak house for 18 bucks a person! But! It was soo lame how it took forever to find it. We took a taxi to Cabo Wabo. Walked like 10 blocks around and around asking people if they know Madera Bistro to find this restaurant. None of the locals ever heard of this place. 30 minutes later, just about gave up trying to find this restaurant and call it a day when a bike taxi was pestering us. He told us he could find Madera, and he asked around and found a tourist guide. The Biker took us back to Cabo Wabo, and this restaurant was just across the street. Terrible mishap, but awesome that we ended up finding it. 

Went to a beach party. My sister wrote "Hi, fr: cabo."

These waters aren't safe to swim in. There is warnings all over the place that swimming is banned here. This wave doesn't look like much but it is actually like 3 times my height. 

Last night in Cabo in the infinity pool. :)
I had a blast and I hope to revisit and visit Squid Row next time!! 

For even prettier pictures via instagram, check out my previous blog: here.

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Instagram Pictures at Cabo San Lucas Why is it so hard for me to blog? Well here is my vacation at Cabo San Lucas, Mexico via instagram pictures! :)

I can't believe I went to Mexico and didn't get to use any Spanish. Hehe 

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Joanna's Graduation Photos Joanna is a very bubbly silly girl. Just graduating from Cal State East Bay with her bright pink and red sashes. I came to San Francisco ready to shoot, and she has a big table cloth for her backdrop. My boyfriend and her hung it up on the window. What a genius. I have never shot against the window in the evening. Her pictures turned out soooo sooo bright! Her post-processing was different from what I was use to. However, her photos turned out great! Not to mention she is a very good model, singer, and a very pretty girl. :)

EJ, Joanna's nephew, is one handsome little man. Joanna said EJ usually will come up to strangers and starts random conversations with you. But I suppose since I was holding a huge black object seemingly scary for a 3 year old, maybe he thought I was going to hurt him? He did not speak to me once!! He was hiding behind Joanna or his dad everytime I tried to take a picture. What a cuttie. Wished I got more pictures of him, but he didn't like me. :(

After the shoot, Joanna practically forced me to go eat at this sushi restaurant called Barracuda with my boyfriend. It was delish!! I forgot to bring the camera and was thought it would be embarrassing if I did go back to get it. But! Definitely going back soon there soon. :)

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Mabanta Family The Mabanta family. They are the type of family that I wished for in my life. They are all very close to each other and they treat each other like best friends. They joke around  I will be forever glad they accepted me in their lives. :)


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Auntie Rosanne and Uncle Bob My lovely boyfriend's auntie and uncle celebrated their silver anniversary today. Tons of food, friends, and faith. I asked them if I could borrow their wedding rings but Auntie Rosanne did not have hers on which Uncle Bob laughed uncaringly about. They are such a loving couple it is definitely something worth to celebrate. 

A lot of teary heartfelt moments and unforgettable laughs were shared this day which made me wish my tiny camera could just capture it all. 

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New website! Oh my gosh, this website is up and running!! Whoooohooo!! So my main reason for having this site is so my "clients" could access a password protected photo album. With 3 photoshoots, 2 events, and 1 wedding upcoming in the next 3 months I needed something to support my photos. I am very eager and excited to present to you my website. :)

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